Your Golf Handicap

How do I get a handicap?

An official Golf Australia Handicap can only be obtained by joining a golf club such as Gordon Golf Club. Competitions require players to have an official Golf Australia Handicap to be eligible to compete.

To gain a handicap, players must submit 3×18 hole scorecards countersigned by someone with a current golflink handicap. With the handicap, the player is allocated a GolfLink Number, which is a number unique to them. GolfLink is Australia’s handicap system software, and by logging on to players can monitor their scores and view their most up-to-date handicap.

GolfLink is a computerised handicapping system with two features that set it apart from other world handicapping systems. It calculates handicaps according to how difficult the course was on the day and it utilises a swipe card so players can access their handicap from any GolfLink terminal in Australia.

Getting a handicap at Gordon Golf Course

Getting an Official Handicap is easy at Gordon Golf Course. Once you become a member, simply submit your (3) scorecards to the administrator in the office.

If you have recently joined Gordon Golf Course and you have an existing GA Handicap, simply transfer your current handicap by seeing the administrator in the office. You will need your original GolfLink number from your old club.

If you have any questions, please email